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Doonite Academy is here to offer very popular intensive strategic course will provide students with a practical understanding of how to create a seamless online presence and earn a good amount of passive income. We provide practical and interactive digital marketing course institute in Dehradun to all, therefore, if you are a novice, IT professional or an entrepreneur, we have got the right things for you.

Our course is specifically designed to learn everything you need to know to create a successful campaign for you or your clients. Each topic will be discussed to know more about strategies, how to create them time to time, how to implement them and so on. Also, Doonite Academy ensures to help them learn the capabilities of the tactics, timing, and techniques and what to measure to get 100% return your investment (ROI).

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Come as a Trainee and Exit as an Expert of Digital Marketing

  • Google and Bing Certified Trainer
  • Live Project Training
  • 15+ Certification
  • Resume Preparation
  • Learn More Then 40+ Tools
  • Free Premium Ebooks
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Growth Hacking
  • 100% Job Oriented Program
  • 3hrs Practical Training
  • Course Fee Starts with Only Rs 3000
  • Get our job references

Whether it’s your first step in learning digital marketing topics, or you are looking to reassess your overall objectives, Digital Marketing training center in Dehradun will help you set clear objectives, and optimize your knowledge for maximum success.

We work with all the latest and popular digital marketing tools, including- SEO, PPC, SMM and various others to give you full confidence in handling all sorts of projects individually. With us, you’ll discover how to frame a solid marketing plan, how to find a target market and audiences, website optimization and how digital marketing can support people.

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Learn Latest Digital Marketing Techniques ( No other institute will teach you )

Our ultimate Digital Marketing training in dehradun for Students always helps students in learning the essential skills of digital marketing in developing robust strategies that enhance the keyword ranking, traffic, reputation, and identity of the brand. We are proud to have the professionals will teach students the techniques of building links, optimizing the website, working with analytics and webmaster along with others. Our comprehensive and best digital marketing course in Dehradun is up-to-date and encourages a group of students in participation and discussion. We also work closely with each student in order to help them develop digital marketing skills, solve their queries and offer them great suggestions on how to rule the game of digital marketing.

You may appoint us to train your professional right in the office or they can visit our workshop center for proper training. We will discuss and work in groups so that great plans and ideas can immediately implement in the organization to attain great success. Not only this, through continuous assessment and with the support of our tutors we can help you realize your potential.

Our digital marketing classes for professionals examines how to manage and set a strategy for a brand. This is so important as we better know that it will equip your employees to make strategic decisions on how to optimize the brand’s digital footprint, how to promote them so well and how to attract the target audiences so as to gain expected sales and profit. We will ensure to help you learning traditional to modern marketing principles and then leverage these principles within a digital environment so that one can develop a strategic marketing plan.

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All the marketing principles are taught by our tutors can be applied to organizations of all shapes and sizes of the organization. Our Digital marketing course fees in Dehradun is just Rs. 3000 Per Month for the limited time period.

We always want to sure that you learn perfectively. We provide Free 3 days DEMO classes to our student so that they can get an idea about what they going to learn. Call US: +91-9056223556 to take demo classes now !

20 Lakhs Jobs by 2020: Demand is high but there is a huge skill-gap

Digital Marketing Certification Course Includes

Thinking about to join the digital marketing training institutes in Dehradun? No matter what you did and which stream you are from, opting digital marketing as a career will transform your life completely. Working with the internet is lots of fun, however, with us learn all amazing digital marketing techniques without any hassle.

We are fully committed to helping every student to be the best they can be for a better career. We are here to support, encourage and improve the marketing performance of our students, right to the very top. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you expect from us, our mission to provide best-in-class practical training services to meet the real-world needs. Our digital marketing training is designed and delivered by experienced professionals, who are aware of the fact what it takes to succeed at the job, therefore always ready to help you succeed.

Our highly popular Digital Marketing classes for Students will provide students with a practical understanding of how to help clients with their brands’ ultimate online presence across multiple platforms and in all over the world. Our professionals always discuss various case studies and work in groups to providing you with plans and ideas that you can immediately plan to implement today and tomorrow. We aim to provide complete marketing knowledge, always supports to improve their digital skills, strategies, and talent.

Our Digital Marketing live training will deliver a hands-on program to help the students to understand in terms with the online presence success with the continuity of message across all digital platforms. Our effective marketing strategy is enough to earn measurable ROI and improve the chances to be hired by some of the best IT companies or one can plan to run their own company online.


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We are one of the best Institute for getting online marketing training in Dehradun. We help you getting placed to the top IT companies once you complete your course...

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Why we are different?

The best thing about learning this course is that there is no eligibility criterion for it. People from any field can do this course. You just need a computer and a good internet. As far as skills are concerned, you must be familiar with the computer and should be passionate about online work. It is one of the interesting fields of marketing but challenging too due to high competition in the market.

  • 100% Practical Training
  • Interview Training
  • Job Placement

Why Join Doonite Academy

After becoming a certified digital marketer, we would help you to kick-start your job or your businesses startup. Our digital marketing training classes in Dehradun is completely practical so that you get more benefit from it.

  • 100% Job Oriented Program
  • 10 Years of Experience in IT Industry
  • Certified Trainer
  • Free Resources Worth Rs. 10,000

Course Curriculum (4 Course in One) (18 Modules)

  • Overview of Digital Marketing
  • Different online marketing channels
  • Understand the journey of online customer
  • Key Terminologies in online Marketing
  • Overview to Content Management System
  • Overview of case study and business model
  • Overview of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Importance of Search Engines and how it works?
  • Areas that need optimization and how to do it?
  • Text and voice search optimization using On-Page SEO
  • Important components of on-page SEO
  • Introduction to white, gray, and black hat SEO techniques
  • Overview and setup of Google Search Console
  • Ways to find if Google can “see” everything
  • Identification of high engaging content and site element
  • Overview of off page SEO and its key deliverables
  • Areas of off-page SEO that help in establishing the brand name
  • Ways to improve the domain and page authority
  • Introduction to backlinks and how it helps the website to rank in first page?
  • Factors to consider while getting the backlinks
  • Ways to find and identify the relevant platforms, and blog posts for backlinks
  • Usage of Social Media platforms in creating backlinks
  • Elements to conduct a comprehensive site audit
  • Real-time analytics and mouse tracking using heatmap
  • Tools and techniques to improve site performance, user experience and SERP ranking
  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Importance of mobile friendly website and content
  • Overview of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) and its importance
  • Usage of Mobile App in marketing mix
  • App building and monetization
  • Listing on app stores
  • App Store Optimization
  • Mobile advertising practices for email
  • Mobile marketing campaign on other’s app
  • Introduction to Search Engine and PPC Marketing (SEM)
  • Overview and setup of Google AdWords (PPC Platform)
  • Type of Ads Google AdWords serves
  • Important components of PPC Marketing
  • Search and Display campaign creation and conversion tracking
  • A/B testing and monitoring the experiment in Google AdWords
  • Linking Google Analytics & AdWords
  • Overview of Shopping Ads
  • Registration with Merchant center
  • Shopping Ads campaign creation and tracking
  • Universal App Ads and Mobile App Ads
  • AdWords Editors (Work Offline Tool)
  • Exposure to automated campaign management tools for AdWords
  • Exposure to automated biding management tools for AdWords
  • Usage of AdWords to gauge audience insights
  • Overview of remarketing campaign
  • Setup of remarketing campaign in AdWords
  • Introduction to OVER THE TOP (OTT) Marketing
  • Types of OTT Platforms and monetization options in India
  • Introduction to YouTube Marketing and Channel creation
  • YouTube marketing best practices
  • Video ads campaign creation and tracking
  • Usage of YouTube prime packs to build awareness and reach
  • Integration of YouTube with social media
  • YouTube analytics and report
  • Usage of YouTube Channel for SEO - Comments & Sharing
  • Importance of social media marketing and its pillars
  • Key steps for social media success
  • Overview of creating a social media marketing plan
  • Facebook marketing and its effective hacks
  • Introduction to FB Store
  • Facebook Insights
  • Instagram marketing tips and tricks
  • Instagram analytics
  • LinkedIn marketing and its best practices
  • Twitter marketing and its components
  • Introduction to OVER THE TOP (OTT) Marketing
  • Quora Marketing and its best practices
  • Importance of presence on other social media channels
  • Importance of using essential social media tools
  • Overview of Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Common reputation management problem areas
  • Process of ORM
  • Importance of Email Marketing
  • Problems with Email Marketing
  • Best practices of effective emails
  • Overview of mails efficiency measures
  • Building an email list and its segmentation
  • Email marketing campaign creation
  • Email Workflows
  • Email Metrics
  • Drip email marketing and auto responders
  • Importance of marketing automation
  • Problems faced by marketers
  • Benefits of marketing automation
  • Introduction to marketing automation platform and its core feature
  • Marketing automation setup
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Overview of affiliate marketing and how does it work?
  • Different Commission Structures
  • Examples of different Affiliates
  • Introduction to affiliate networks
  • Affiliate marketing campaign setup
  • Run an affiliate merchant program
  • Run an affiliate marketer program
  • Tracking algorithm in affiliate program
  • Affiliate networks vs in-house affiliate program
  • Best Practice of managing affiliates
  • Pitfalls of the affiliate models
  • Introduction to marketing funnel and its importance
  • Core elements of marketing
  • Strategy vs. Tactics in marketing
  • Front-end vs. Back-end marketing
  • Core elements of a funnel
  • Introduction to the growth formula
  • Advance conversion funnels and mindmaps
  • Industry case studies on full funnel and its implementation
  • Strategies to convert leads into sales
  • Introduction to Growth hacking
  • The problems that Growth Hacking solves
  • The Lean Marketing Framework (LMF)
  • Overview of web analytics
  • Need of Google Analytics platform
  • Installation and setup of Google Analytics (GA)
  • Set up goals and segments in gauge
  • Set up site search in GA
  • Techniques to read the Google Analytics data
  • Share Google Analytics data with specific permissions
  • Automate the summarization of GA data
  • Custom reports, dashboards, and segments in GA
  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager
  • Importance of content marketing
  • Creating a customer avatar
  • Ways to develop powerful and engaging content to drive business growth
  • Using other forms of content to boost traffic, exposure, and engagement
  • Content Distribution
  • Overview of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Research techniques for CRO
  • Testing
  • Business Communications
  • Presentation Skills
  • People Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Problem Solving
  • What are your digital marketing goals?

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