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About Doonite Academy

Doonite academy is the leading digital marketing training institute that provides the latest digital marketing course, combined with SEO, PPC, graphics, video editing & Facebook marketing.

These tactics are essential for students to learn. So, they can find digital marketing jobs, start working as a freelancer, or running own businesses.

Our advanced digital marketing course can help anyone who wants to make the right career at the right time.

Doonite academy : Digital Marketing institute of Dehradun

Pre classes

We recommend students become familiar with digital marketing before they take classes. In our pre-courses, we provide interactive videos or blogs to the students so, they can make themself ready for this journey.

During Classes

We provide course PPT, tool modules, solve queries, and home assignments to make every concept clear. Also, every theoretical topic will have practical sessions.

Post Classes

We help them preparing resume, applying for the jobs and interview with the associated companies. Also, a lifetime support will be offered to all our student to guide them running any business website further.

Today, there are a lot of students who want to make digital marketing a full-fledged career but they miss taking the right decision at the right time. Our professional digital marketing course can help those students to build a solid foundation. At Doonite Academy, you will learn a precise way to analyze analytic data, create remarkable strategies, reporting and much more. We already have provided advanced digital marketing training to many students which are earning enormous profits by running their websites or working in IT companies.

Join our Digital Marketing course today and take the first step towards a successful career in the exciting world of online marketing!

With expert guidance and hands-on training, you’ll learn the latest techniques and strategies to drive traffic, boost conversions, and increase ROI. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your skills and take your career to the next level.

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What Makes Us Different ?

12+ Years Experienced Trainer


Mock Interview Practice

100 % Live Project Training

See what our students says about our live training

I am extremely impressed with the Digital Marketing Institute’s comprehensive and practical approach to teaching digital marketing. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and provide valuable insights and guidance. Thanks to their training, I have been able to improve my skills and achieve great results for my business. I highly recommend the Digital Marketing Institute to anyone looking to enhance their digital marketing knowledge and skills.

Deepak Rawat

I recently completed the SEO course from Doonite Academy and I am beyond thrilled with the results! The course was well-structured, informative, and engaging, and the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the learning process. Thanks to their guidance, I have been able to optimize my website and improve its visibility on search engines. I highly recommend the SEO course from Doonite Academy to anyone looking to take their website’s SEO to the next level

Aakansha Simra

The Dual Certification Course from Doonite Academy has exceeded all my expectations! The course not only provided me with in-depth knowledge and skills in digital marketing and web design but also helped me earn dual globally recognized certifications. The instructors were highly experienced and supportive, and the course content was both practical and relevant to today’s digital landscape. I highly recommend the Dual Certification Course from Doonite Academy to anyone looking to boost their career prospects in the digital marketing field.

Sumit Kamboj


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