Social Media Marketing Training Institute in Dehradun

Learn to create, manage and advertise on social media platforms 

Become an Influencer and get a good job.

Duration - 30 Days | Classroom / Online Training

Follow the roadmap to become social media influencer who can earn good bucks. This updated plan will help you in achieving the desired results on Social Media.

Become a social media marketing influencer

Social media is growing so rapidly, and it’s not just about being on the platform. You need to be an influencer and have a good following. This roadmap will show how you can become one of them!

Get the skills you need to bring in good money as an influencer.

Learn how to create quality content, how to get followers, and how to monetize your influence. Gain the knowledge needed to become a successful social media influencer and make good money while doing it!

Become an influencer on Social media

Do you want to be a social media influencer? Then this blog will give you the roadmap to achieve it. You can start with the blog and find out how to grow your following and make money online.

Module 1

Social Media Marketing Introduction and Management

Are you ready to learn about social media marketing? You will start with the first class in this course, which will introduce you to marketing and specifically social media. You'll cover a high-level overview of various terms used when it comes to marketing and how they relate specifically to your own strategy. Additionally, we’ll go over best practices for using different types of strategies as well as what some common words people use when talking about their work in social media are.

In this lesson, you will become familiar with the social media platforms mainly used for social media marketing and what types of audiences currently use these platforms. You will learn how to choose which platforms are best for your business and how to become a digital specialist!

In this module, you will learn to create and optimize brand pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Learn to create engaging content for your audience. Also, learn creating different types of content.

In Lesson 1 of Module 2, you will learn what target audience segmentation is and how to implement it as well as a step-by-step process to create buyer personas from market research and data mining. You'll also find out about the types of people who buy certain products in order for you to create targeted content based on your personas.

In Lesson 2, you will learn how to define a brand. You'll also learn what elements of branding you need to pay attention to while doing social media marketing efforts and the importance of consistency in your branding across those platforms. We'll explore common online branding errors and talk about what actually makes effective or ineffective social media advertising

Module - 2

Social Media Marketing Intermediate


You're only a few steps away from becoming a social media influencer.