Google Ads & Pay Per Click PPC Training COURSE in Dehradun

For candidates that want to make career in a paid marketing. 

Google Ads Course

Duration - 60 Days | Classroom Training

Do you want to grow your career in a PPC (Pay per click) advertisement or Google ads agency?

PPC skills are huge in demand because there are a lot of companies that want to increase sales and revenue by doing paid ads. In PPC you learn to create highly optimized content, various ads groups, A/B testing, and much more.

All our PPC classes are totally based on practical and anyone can obtain these skills step by step to grab excellent job opportunities.


What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising or formally Google ads. You must have seen various advertisements on Google when you search for any queries. Creating these ads is also a challenge and art because of a highly competitive market. Companies are always ready to hire highly skilled PPC managers to manage these ads campaigns for them.

What will you learn in PPC (Google ads)

PPC Course Module

PPC Course Jobs Opportunities

PPC or Google ads are the future of digital marketing because of new companies chasing each other & the one who takes advantage of PPC can achieve better ROI. Being a leading digital marketing course provider in Dehradun, we ensure you learn the most advanced PPC tactics.


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